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Discover Some Facts about Beef Jerky and Its Recipe

Why do you love those chunks of beef jerky, we sure because of the flavourful marinade it was kept in for the ultimate drive for your taste buds! How cool is the idea of perfectly baked goodness of this protein-packed food especially when one is hungry. We often feel the hunger that is not fulfilled by our regular meals; Bulk beef jerky is just perfect in those times. While the preparation of beef meat, the fats are removed by applying to trim then the remaining part is cut into strips to form jerky. Then the whole amount of moisture is removed to avoid the spoilage by drying the meat. And, you know the best part about this is you need decidedly fewer ingredients to prepare this tasty snack which makes it even on the top of the preference of the foodies.

Once this snacking food is ready, it can be preserved for future use. People used this method to keep food for winter as well as to carry it to the distant lands as this preserving is in practice for a long time. Also, the old beef jerky recipes contain only added salt and no other ingredient and see how much this food has transformed in the years. At present, you can avail the jerky in various flavours with a different component such as- Alligator Beef Jerky, Honey Barbecue Beef Jerky, and Hawaiian Beef Jerky. Usually, the recipes comprise of-

• Honey
• Soy sauce
• Pepper
• Lemon juice
• Garlic powder
• Dark corn syrup
• Worcestershire sauce
• Liquid smoke
• Flank steak
• Teriyaki sauce and many more.

Some of the must-try beef jerky recipes are-

• Jalapeno garlic beef Jerky
• Sweet garlic beef Jerky
• Cowboy Beef Jerky
• Whiskey BBQ Beef Jerky
• Honey teriyaki beef Jerky
• Sweet & spicy beef Jerky
• Spicy red pepper beef Jerky
• Original hickory beef Jerky
• Black pepper beef Jerky

Some of the irresistible facts about Bulk beef jerky

1. Beef jerky’s industry is growing- Do you think beef jerky is a small industry and catering a few people? Usually, this happens because one doesn’t consider it. For your surprise, it is almost $2.5 billion industry, and it’s still growing, the reason being people are known to the endless benefits of beef jerky. The athletes are well aware of the fact that the protein gained after the consumption of beef jerky is exceptional. Due to this increasing demand, new companies and stores are opening to serve the needs of the consumers.

2. It is referred to as space food- Centuries ago, it was considered as an ideal travel food option. Since then astronauts used to carry this protein-rich meal replacement to space, due to which it was referred to as space food. And, still this food is in existence catering to the protein and zinc need of our humans and yet being the most comfortable and approachable food item available for us to readily eat.

3. The core purpose of beef jerky- We are already known to the fact that the concept of bulk beef jerky is not new as Quechua people in 1550 discovered it. The reason behind the invention is the human need, just like most of the advancements. Despite the fact that the non-presence of refrigerators and people were dependants on hunting for existence. They have to hunt as many animals at a time as afterwards, they will have nothing to survive on. But the question was how to preserve the meat for future use. So, to avoid the worries they invented the jerky for the natural preserving of food for the future. Isn’t it interesting?

4. Healthy meat- This lean meat is not at all bad for your health as it will provide you with specific nutrition that your body will need. Reason being, when the meat is dried, it loses its 2/3 fat which makes it ideal for the consumption of fitness enthusiasts. And, you will never feel heavy after eating beef jerky reason behind this is the lightness of this food. So, when are you fetching this food to consume to have a good meal with family and friends?

5. Unlimited variations- Jerky is not about just bulk beef jerky as there are various animals such as- pork, salmon, and chicken, etc. Also, there are multiple ways to prepare the meat; it can be done by slicing it or mincing it will also work for a few. And, flavours are surely endless, and you can explore & put as per your requirement.

A place to buy the best beef jerky recipe from

If you want to get the excellent quality beef jerky which is free of excess sodium and added preservatives, you should choose a reliable seller. At an appropriate store, you can avail-

1. More beef at a lower price as they genuinely charge for each ounce.
2. Endless flavours to choose from! Also, variants of meat to go for, not just the bulk beef jerky as an option!
3. Well-prepared and preserved meat that pulls apart without leaving any mess behind.
4. The convenience at its best, as it can be consumed on the go.
5. And, contains no harmful preservatives for the better health of the consumers.
6. Approved and tried by the astronauts, isn’t it great.

So, hey! When are you grabbing your pack of beef jerky to have a meal on while in a hurry?