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Recipe for the Perfect Intranet

The major task that organisations have with an Intranet is to improvement steady engagement from employees. Or on the other hand, as I’ve heard a few people say, “how would I get the buggers to utilize the bloody thing?!”

So here are my suggestions of what to incorporate into your intranet, which your employees will love.

You’ll definitely realize that there should be an equalization of fun and genuine stuff in an intranet (fun doesn’t have to mean placing staplers in the jelly wacky goofy kind of fun, yet more from the applications that individuals really need to engage with). An intranet that animates the brains of employees, encourages their creativity, helps their profitability and ideally advances positive responses all the while.

Things like:

1. Employee recognition

We as a whole love a gesture of congratulations. Some prefer a hug, yet that may involve HR… so remain on the safe side and make a culture of thankfulness utilizing your intranet.

Truly, the absence of recognition is the thing that employees complain about the most, to furnish a region with the correct tools to induce a high five from your colleagues. Or, on the other hand, shockingly better; cheers-from-yours-peers, a ta-from-your-coach, credit-for-your-merit, praise-for-your-ability, gratitude-for-your-attitude… I’m done now I promise!

2. Social tools

Once in a while, this is a delicate subject. “What?! Energize sitting around idly, messing about with non-business related stuff, on social sites??!”

Empower employees by giving a space for open communication. Take into consideration status updates, messenger services and chat features within the intranet. In such a case that they’re not there, an employee’s smartphone will never be excess of a foot away…

Additionally, incorporate social newsfeeds; these are a beginning stage for discussions, debates and conversations. Engagement here means you are helping employees associated with one another, giving a superb collaborative environment in the process.

3. A Q & A module

Call no matter you like, however having an application where employees can without much of a stretch questions and quickly get answers back from colleagues, makes the intranet a spot to go at whatever point a troubling subject arises. Reactions are remunerated (or rubbished) with votes, which those who regularly provide good answers, quickly establish themselves as trusted ‘go-to’ members in the workplace.

We as of late ran a survey on what this zone ought to be named in our intranet, I submitted ‘Foggiest’. As in ‘I don’t know, I haven’t got the foggiest’, you need to visit ‘Foggiest’. It didn’t get any votes.

4. Blogs

Blog off! Or ought to that be blog away? Anyway, if you ever asked the question: “How will we have a tendency to share information between colleagues in a simple and efficient way?” – This is the best answer for you.

Community and individual blogs enable colleagues to be creative and motivate others with topical posts. This is excellent for provoking responses, feedback and good food for thought.

5. Project areas and forums

Perfect for facilitating creativity, sharing innovative ideas and visions, yet additionally for making quicker, better choice.

Stop emailing each other backwards and forwards! Simply post your comment on a project discussion board for everyone to pursue. Forums create rich conversations that keep employees engaged and connected. They open the information, ideas and questions trapped in individuals’ minds. It gives a voice to those employees who are usually quiet, sparking further discussions around problem-solving and decision-making.